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23 March 2016

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Belgian paraglider pilot arrested in France by Police

On Tuesday 23 March, Wim Verhoeve, Belgian paraglider pilot launched from Beauraing in Belgium and landed near Charleville-Mézières in France. After having landed in a field a man stopped to ask if he could take him to the nearest train station in Charleville-Mézières. In reality, the man drove Wim Verhoeve directly to the Police station where he had previously informed Police of the offense of crossing the border by air.

Wim is an experienced paragliding pilot and member of the working group in Belgium for paragliding air law in the area.  He also represents the Belgian Flying Federation and the French FFVL, and knew perfectly well that he had not committed any offense. Nevertheless, this did not prevent local Police from detaining him for more than an hour as a precaution.

Beauraing is situated close to the Belgian border and is known to pilots who fly there on a regular basis; all the more reason why Wim was shocked by the reaction of the local resident, saying: “People are becoming wary of everything, it’s a real shame!”.

Source: Luremburger Post

Beauraing situation several kilomètres from the French border : here

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