“50 Ways to Fly Better” – Bruce Goldsmith


This book is a collection of tips and techniques compiled by Bruce Goldsmith with the participation of over 30 world-class pilots, as well as a  selection of hand-picked articles updated from Cross Country magazine.  The book is a “must-have” for any pilot looking to improve his/her skills for cross-country, distance and competition flying.


You will find valuable information on how to fly efficiently in thermals, near the clouds or close to the ground, negotiating convergence, learning about flatland flying and flying in the mountains, and recommendations on distance and cross-country flying in the Bruce Goldsmith book “50 Ways to Fly Better”.

This comprehensive guide provides background knowledge on aerology as well as recommendations on psychology skills to improve your flying with safety. Valuable advice on brushing up on your existing skills and tactics in order to fly distance or participate in competition flying. Discover the valuable information presented in the Bruce Goldsmith book by taking a look at the chapter summary.

232 pages with over 100 colour photographs and illustrations.

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