16 April 2016

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SOL Sycross ONE, high performance in the EN B category

SOL Paragliders are proud to announce the launch of their new wing, the Syncross One.   This new wing completes the brand’s  EN-B range by joining the existing Atmus and Allus in the same category.

Available in sizes S (70-90kg), M (85-100kg), L (95-110kg), and XL (105-125kg), the Sol Syncross One is a three-liner designed for experienced pilots looking for high performance and passive safety within the EN-B classification.

Characteristics : 
– Mini-ribs
– 3D shaping
– Vectran® ULTIMATE competition lines
– Light and compact
– C-riser stearing

Find out more about the Syncross One at Sol Paragliders

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UP Paragliders say that their new UP Kibo is a mid ENB wing which sits comfortably between the Makalu 4 (ENB-) and the Summit XC3 (ENB+), offering similar qualities of passive safety awarded to an ENA wing, but with a notable step up in terms of performance.

The Kibo is destined for leisure pilots who already feel comfortable flying in thermic conditions but who are looking to extend their experience to cross-country flying whilst remaining within the safety area of an ENB wing.

Available In four sizes the Kibo is available ranging from PTV 65-130kg.

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OZONE Buzz Z5 EN-B, comfortable to fly

Ozone’s BUZZ Z5 EN-B is adapted to satisfy a wide range of pilots from the confirmed beginner to the more experienced cross-country pilot.

An ideal wing for pilots flying 30-50 hours per year or for those looking to progress to cross-country under a solid and safe wing, the BUZZ Z5 is a reliable example of passive safety with comfortable, easy handling.

A fun and agile wing offering precision and safety for pilot progression.

Find out more from Ozone

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SUP’AIR has announced the release of their first major generic wing for the beginning of 2016. The SUP’AIR Leaf, positions itself as an accessible mid-range wing, able to satisfy a wide range of pilots in the EN-B category whether they are at the beginning of their paragliding career or already proficient.

Find out more on the SUP’AIR website 

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