How to choose the right paraglider?

How to choose the right paraglider?

This video make some recommendations as to how best to chose a paraglider best suited for you.

FLYBUBBLE offers tips to help in the choice of wing. This video addresses the subject of various categories of wings adapted for each pilot level.

It is important to take into account several important factors when chosing a new wing and of primary importance is consideration of your own level of piloting skills. Other factors come into play, such as the amount of hours you fly, the type of areas you will be flying in, your style of flying and what you hope to achieve with your new wing.

The main features of wings do not differ much in that they all have risers with split A-lines and brakes, but the handling of the glider can change rapidly from one class to the next depending on the glider’s individual features and what it has been designed to achieve. Hence, guidance from a professional and a stockist with a wide selection of gliders to chose from in order to compare the differences, is a good idea.

Here, demonstrations have been filmed using the following gliders and their class type:

First: SUPAIR Eona
Progression: SKYWALK Tequila
Performance: NIVIUK Artik 4
Advanced: GIN GTO 2

The differences can be seen both in the ground handling and in the air.

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