AIRDESIGN Pure2 EN-D review

AIRDESIGN Pure2 EN-D review


It has taken AirDesign a little more time than its competitors to come up with a high performance glider, but the PURE2 has been well worth the wait and Air Design are pretty pleased with the results.


AirDesign have worked hard over the last 3 years to produce a glider in this class and their primary goal was to make a best-performance glider with a maximum aspect ratio of 7. Creating a 2-liner with the advantages of increased acceleration and reduced collapse tendancy, has resulted in a wing offering pilots greater performance and balanced flying characteristics, which improves on the original PURE’s collapse resistant behaviour.

Designed for the competition and more experienced cross-country pilot, the PURE2 is categorized in the EN-D class

The outstanding features of this wing are felt in the heightened performance, glide into head-wind, climb rate in turbulent air, particularly in accelerated flight when the pilot will feel  stability felt over the entire speed range.

Agility is what you expect to be synonymous with the Air Design brand. Whether in flat turns, in tight cores or banking up the turn, the PURE2 responds exceptionally even with more gentle piloting.


The PURE2 features a more prominent shark nose, double cut 3D shaping on the top sail and single 3D cut on the bottom sail (photo2).  The combination of v-ribs and cross supports in the inner construction ensures maximum stability.

It would be true to say that the PURE2 is neither a true 2-liner, nor a 3-liner and this is due primarily to the attachment  points and inner structure.  By incorporating the technology from both designs the PURE2 stands out on its own as a “2-line construction with 3 individual line levels”, obtaining best results from both categories.

Performance is improved by “Vortex Holes” at the tips and outer trailing edge of the cells which work to diffuse vortex drag by releasing redundant pressure.  Also, a reduction in line using a redeveloped line layout where in some cases lines spans over 4 cells.

The PURE2 has precision steering using B-handles on the risers, and polyamide rods in the canopy are strategically positioned with sufficient spacing between the A and B sections to enable easy packing of the glider.


The glider comes in two colours: Fire and Stealth, but also pilots can choose their own from a pallet on the website. Not all manufacturers promote the custom colour option because it obviously slows down regular production, but for some pilots uniqueness is an important feature when choosing a glider.


Made from Dominico 40g for the top sail and 35g for the bottom sail, polyester covered Aramid for the risers, and Edelrid 8000 for the lines.  Find out more here. Air Design also have come up trumps with a complete manual and brochure on the PURE2.


PURE2 paraglider, Riser bag and AirDesign glider bag (L), Speed bar, USB stick with manual, Repair kit, AirDesign stickers, Surprise gift!


Hugh Miller describes it as a “well-sorted drag racer”, as he takes it for a spin above the classic UK countryside. Read about his first impressions.

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– Find out more from AirDesign on the PURE2

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