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First Impressions from Cloudbase Paragliding

Here is the brand new Volt2 ENC from AirDesign which is a high performance ENC glider. The best features have been taken from the Pure 2 and incorporated into the Volt2.  The compact risers have a 2-2-2 configuration which has resulted in the 10% reduction of line length.  Ball-steering has been replaced with ergonomic loops on the C’s, and the innovative “Vortex Hole Technology” is clearly visible on the underside tips.  The Volt2 has a reinforced and redesigned leading edge and shark nose profile, and in Cloudbase’s video, is shown to perform and handle well in strong conditions. Bar pressure is light and effortless to reach optimum speed.  This glider is sure to satisfy any competition or XC pilot looking for that extra surge of performance.

“Walkaround” video from Cloudbase Paragliding

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AirDesign Paragliders Volt2

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