SWING’s new Nexus is a performance “all-rounder”

SWING’s new Nexus is a performance “all-rounder”

The last few flights to tweek the settings on SWING’s new Nexus (EN-C), with the final measurements on the speed and performance carried out by the Profly Team in Ecuador.

The new SWING NEXUS, a wing for all challenges

With the SWING Nexus, manufacturers are looking to offer pilots flying long-distance cross country, the possibility to fly at high speeds in difficult conditions, with additional stability.

Swing says that “the more severe the conditions, the more the wing is in its element…the control obtained through the brakes is surprising and offers such high stability that pilots will no longer be shying away from turbulence…The glider has high levels of tolerance, passive safety and precise directional handling when flown at speed, one can almost forget to release the bar when reaching a thermal”.

Some convincing statements.

SWING has had the opportunity to test the prototypes using readings taken by Compass (the flight instrument manufacturers). The performance results are convincing: Glide ratio of 10, reliable transition speed of 40km/hr and up to 55km/hr when accelerated!

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