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Le Tube, the storage bag that does it all for you

Le Tube, the storage bag that does it all for you

You’ll not find one cheaper, lighter or more practical on the market!

“Le Tube”* is a folding storage bag without any zippers or straps for storing your wing. (200g size S). Le tube is particularly suitable for wings with a rigid leading edge due to its opening which uses a hoop to facilitate the introduction of the leading edge into the bag in just a few seconds.  As the underside of Le Tube is made with elastic lycra, the remainder of the bag easily slides over the rest of the glider in one swift movement keeping your glider neatly folded and tucked away. Le Tube makes packing up your glider easy too, even in windy conditions or on uneven terrain.

Because of the lycra panel, your glider will always be able to breath even when stored for long periods of time without use.  The lycra panel on the underside also acts as a compression bag so your wing will automatically stay in place whether the bag is folded or laid flat.

And to get the glider out of the bag, simply undo the chord and hold up one end. Gently shake it and your wing will slide out.

* international patent design

Tutorial : how to pack your wing using Le Tube

Focus is on the preparation of the glider.  Several concertina folds will be enough to slip the hoop over the leading edge, holding it in place whilst you get as much air as possible out from the rest of the glider, by pushing upwards from the trailing edge to the hoop, flattening the glider as you go.

The advantages of Le Tube are multiple. And as well as being compact and feather weight, it also protects the leading edge by storing it flat without the use of clips, zips or the straps found on other manufacturers’ bags, which are known to deform the batons.

Frequent questions answered in our Q & A

– How do I insert the leading edge and is it suitable for reinforced wings?
Thanks to the hoop, the leading edge slips into the hoop easily. And it’s even easier with a rigid structure because the leading edge bunches up to form a compact block.

– Can I put the wing away without bending it beforehand?
Yes, the Tube automatically facilitates folding your wing because there is  no zip. People who have seen demonstrations were surprised how neat the wing looked once in the tube.  The sliding and stretching material on the sleeve of the Le Tube naturally stores the wing in an acordian format

– Should we get the air out of the wing before inserting the hoop? 
It is better to expel the air beforehand.  As with packing any glider, the more air inside the canopy the harder it is.

– How do I pack in strong winds?  
The principle of Le Tube is to start by introducing the leading edge into the hoop.  This will prevent the wing from re-inflating.  Alternatively, by introducing the trailing edge into the hoop first, you can evacuate the air from the base upwards towards the leading edge, but this will require unclipping your risers from the harness.

– Can I store my wing in Le Tube?
Yes, Lycra is a breathable fabric and Le Tube has been designed with openings at each extremity so air can circulate.

– What is the longevity of Le Tube?
Le Tube is partly made with material similar to that used on a glider, therefore avoiding unnecessary friction with the ground is recommended. We have carried out over 200 demonstrations with the same product and Le Tube is still in tact!

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What size do I need?

length (cm) 275 cm 300 cm 325 cm
width (cm) 32 cm 36 cm 40 cm
surface area wing (m²) 18 to 25 de 24 to 28 more 26
cord (m) 2.3 to 2.7 2.7 to 3 2.7 to 3,2
weight (g) 200g 235g 270g
price 49,00 € 51,00 € 53,00 €

Particular attention has been made to design an ergonomic product.  Le Tube is a “no fuss” item, simplistic in appearance but made using durable materials whilst retaining the light-weight aspect. Care is a requisite when working with paragliding materials, Lycra in particular.  The challenge was multiplied when incorporating a hoop into the design with many hours of head-scratching as well as providing the true quality test of our Seamstresses!

Other features of the  “Le Tube” folding bag
– Flexible plastic hoop
– Elasticated fabric and breathable lycra
– Compression in the harness when folded (see photo)
– 3 sizes S, M and L
– Designed, Manufactured, Assembled – 100% Made in France

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