7 April 2016

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NIVIUK are recruiting a new Communications/Marketing Manager

NIVIUK, one of the major brands in glider manufacturing, is looking to recruit a new Communications and Marketing Manager to be based at their Head Office in Gerona, Spain.

Due to the a recent increase in development the Franco-Spanish brand are in search of an experienced and versatile bilingual candidate to work closely with the CEO.

See the full job description in French

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10 December 2015

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NIVIUK release their performance adventure wing, the Peak 4

After the recent release of NIVIUK’s Grand Touring Artik 4, here comes its big sister, the Peak 4.

Designed for outstanding XC performance, NIVIUK say the Peak 4 is a pure bred cross-country wing made for non-stop cross-country flying.

The Peak 4’s DNA stems from the super successful Icepeak6, and although the Peak 4 remains a 2-liner and certified in the EN-D category, Niviuk’s more recent technology (nitinol) has been incorporated to reshape the profile and reduce the glider’s weight.  the result is a sorted wing with improved handling and overall performance.

The Peak 4 is a wing for those with an insatiable appetite for kilometer-crunching and offers endless exploring potential for any budding adventure pilot.

More from the NIVIUK website

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NIVIUK Ikuma, the new EN-B+ to be presented at the Coupe Icare

After NIVIUK’s Grand Touring glider, emerges the Back-Country EN-B+

Last year at the Coupe Icare NIVIUK presented their Grand Touring  (Grand Tourismo) glider, for pilots in search of new horizons and a unique and simple desire to fly further.  In response, NIVIUK designed the Artik 4.

Today, NIVIUK is pushing the true boundaries of Back-Country flying, combining ease and performance for pilots seeking the ultimate cross-country flying experience. NIVIUK’s answer is the Ikuma.

The Ikuma defines the high-performance ENB+ wing, a category in which NIVIUK has not yet been present until today.  Ikuma is aimed to satisfy a wide range of pilots each with their own motivations. It breaks the boundaries of oustanding performance with noteworthy handling and safety elements.

The Ikuma exists in 5 sizes (21, 23, 25, 27 and 29), 4 colours (Orchid, Bluberry, Tulip, Sunrise).

Fine out more on the NIVIUK website

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Improvements to NIVIUK’s Nkare bag make packing easier

NIVIUK has made some changes to improvement their fast-pack Nkare bag.  Two flaps have been added to the upper inside end of the bag enabling fast and easy concertina packing, whilst also protecting the leading edge.

Other improvements were added to the inner fastening straps which have been rearranged to hold the glider in place, and a new riser pocket on the inside lower section of the bag to separate the risers from the canopy. Weighing less than 375g for 2.3m long, one size fits all.

For more info go to: NIVIUK Nkare 

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NIVIUK’s Kargo rucksack goes smaller

The Kargo 140 is a new and smaller version of the existing Kargo rucksack, destined for pilots carrying smaller wings or those looking for a more comfortable bag with less volume.

NIVIUK will be delivering the Kargo 140 as a standard item with smaller wing orders, but pilots can also choose from the existing rucksacs available: Kargo 175, 220, or the Koli Bag, when placing an order.

Click for more info on the Kargo 140

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