10 April 2016

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World Cup Brazil in Castelo 10 – 15 April 2016

Currently taking place is the first event in the 2016 World Cup series, taking place in the region of Espirito Santo, Castelo in Brazil.

The region is to the south of Espírito Santo and is a world class flying site. Pilots can benefit from several launch areas : Alfredo ChavesCastelo Sao Vicente, but also Vargem Alta – Rampa do Mirante which is the most popular of the local sites.

Training Day

Conditions for first of the World Cup tour events look good an are set to provide promising weather for the remainder of the week, as we can see from the Training Day from Castelo.

Live tracking for this event will not be broadcast until the PWC can recover the live trackers from Brazilian custom officials.  This is not the first time that the PWC has had problems importing the tracker units to South America; earlier on this year for the 2015 Superfinal in Valle de Bravo, live trackers were also temporarily confiscated on arrival at Mexico airport, later to be returned by the authorities several days later.

The first video footage is brought to us from the Paragliding World Cup (PWC) cameraman, Philippe Broers.

Task 1 – Race to Goal 68 km

Today’s task saw pilots launch from  Castel Sao Vicente. The end of race proved to be tricky with only a handful of pilots in goal. You can see the first day’s results here, with France’s Lucas Bernardini leading after the first day:

2- Semih SAYIR (TUR)
3- Yanick LETTRY (CZ)
6- Francisco MANTARAS (ARG)
7- Marco BUSETTA (ITA)
8- Pablo RODARTE (BRA)
9- Albino MALLI (CZ)
10- Gabriele GARDINI (ITA)

See all the results – relive the race in 3D

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5th JAN 2016

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Dates are set for the Pre-PWC Nepal 2016

The dates have been set for this year’s Pre-PWC Nepal, to be held as identical to last year, in the Sarangkot mountain near Pokhara, Nepal. Pilots can enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Annapurna, the 10th highest mountain in the world.

Meet Director, Egor Terentyev, has announced the opening of registration for the event, and pilots hopeful for a place can now register through the Airtribune website.

Pilots entering the competition should reserve dates between the 26th February to the 5th March, which include a pre-comp training day and the closing ceremony. There will be 6 task days in total and entry fee is set at €150.

The Pre-PWC Nepal is a National Championship Cat2 event and also a qualifier for the Paragliding World Cup Tour

For more info on the venue click here

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GIN’s Boom 10 has the edge on the Enzo2

Gin Gliders’ Boomerang 10 steals the show at PWC Disentis Switzerland to come away with 1st and 3rd podiums at the Paragliding World Cup in Disentis. Victorious over Ozone’s Enzo2, Chrigel Maurer won the Overall competition on his Gin Boom 10, 2nd place went to Stefan Wyss (Enzo2), 3rd Michael Küffer (Boom 10). First in the Women’s event was the unstoppable Seiko Fukuoka-Naville on her Enzo2.

Next up for Paragliding World Tour is Ager, Spain 30th August-6th September

Full results of PWC Disentis can be seen here

Find out more about Gin Gliders

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Guarnieri International Trophy & Pre-PWC Feltre

Results are out for the XXXII Guarnieri International Trophy and pre-PWC which took place in the province of Belluno, Italy from the 31st May to 6th June. 136 pilots competed in conditions for which the Meet Director was able to set the maximum of six tasks, which is always positive for any given flying site’s reputation; in this case Monte Avena. Each year the Italians hold this competition and pilots come from Pedavena as well as other parts of Italy to fly thewide pastures and big mountains of the Dolomites.

This year’s 32nd edition of the Guarnieri Trophy was also in conjunction with the pre-Paragliding World Cup Feltre, Italy.

The main results are as follows:

source photo : Airtribune

Overall PWC
1. Charles Cazaux (FRA)
2. Maxime Pinot (FRA)
3. Marco Littame (ITA)

Women PWC
1. Seiko Fukuoka (FRA)
2. Silvia Buzzi Ferraris (ITA)
3. Klaudia Bulgakov (POL)

1. Radek Vecera (CZE)
2. Giuliano Minutella (ITA)
3. Thomas Milko (BRA)

Italian Champions
1. Marco Littame (ITA)
2. Marco Busseta (ITA)
3. Biaggio Alberto Vilate (ITA)

Italian Women Champions
1. Silvia Buzzi Ferraris (ITA)
2. Eliza Soravia (ITA)
3. Lucrecia Chiartano (ITA)

Italian Sport
1. Giuliano Minutella (ITA)
2. Luciano Gallo (ITA)
3. Gerald Demetz (ITA)

Full results of all pilots can be found at Airtribune

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