Win some fantastic prizes in our video competition – Closing date 6 september

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Ever dreamed of winning a glider, well we’ve got some unbelievable prizes up for grabs:

– A paraglider from  SOL PARAGLIDERS*
– A harness from SUP’AIR*
– A flight instrument
– A special edition Rock the Outdoor Speed-sleeve

* prizes according to pilot’s flying abiilty, and wings in the EN-A, EN-B or EN-C class.

Contest is open to all – anyone can win!

We have made the rules simple so that everyone stands an equal chance of winning, even if you have never made a film before. The Jury will place just as much importance on the subject matter and scenario, as to your film editing. (You can find the rules on how to enter below).

The competition is open from the 9th July to the 6th September inclusive and is absolutely free to enter!

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1st Prize – Choose your glider

2nd Prize – Harness of your choice

TOP TEN of videos most liked

Axel Jamgotchian
Simon Dujardin
Nicolas Alliot
Philippe Khizanichvily
Tom Chauvin
Bruno Chériaux
Nicolas Bazerque (Nico)
Rodolphe Chalencon
Mathieu Verschave
Alfredo Zoccolante
Rodolphe Leclerc
Charlotte Dussart
Fabien Tornay
Clément Delarue
Claire Mercuriot
Cyril Salvaing
K-loo Leclerc
Gilian Fernandez
Jérôme Maltête
Jérôme Chapuis
Pierre François Desroche
Aurélien Legrand
Yanick Gentil

The competition prizes are awarded as follows:

The “Jury’s Choice”

1st Prize: A paraglider from SOL Paragliders*
2nd Prize: A paragliding harness from SUPAIR*
3rd Prize: A flying instrument *

The “People’s Choice”

1 Speed sleeve Rock the Outdoor to give away

The “ROCK THE OUTDDOR’s Most Liked”

3 Speed sleeves Rock the Outdoor to give away

* these prizes will be in correlation with the pilot’s flying level (mentioned in the “How to enter rules”)

Competition Rules

The video must respect the following criteria :
– Subjects must be filmed in flight at some stage of the video without any restrictions as to how many times they appear.
– The duration of the video must be between 3 and 5 minutes long,
– Rock the Outdoor’s logo must appear at some stage in the video for a duration of at least 5 seconds (insertion/appearance of the logo during editing is not permitted),
– All video entries that have not undergone any editing will automatically be eliminated,
– Film resolution must be at least 720p
– The film’s background sound, if not musical, must be a creation (for example voice-over, added sound…).
– The video must be accompanied by a text presentation.

How the competition will operate

Entries and closing date
Post your video on Rock the Outdoor’s designated page on the website between the 9th July until the 31st August midnight inclusive.

Once entries are closed, Rock the Outdoor will go through the elimination process of all videos not adhering to the rules.

“Reader’s Choice” selection process
The first Jury, including two Rock the Outdoor members and 3 experienced video editing pilots, will select 20 videos amongst all the entries, to be put forward to a vote by the public.

Amongst this selection, will also be the videos put forward to a further Jury for the Grand Prize, Runner-Up and 3rd Place entries overall.

Grand Prize selection process
After having passed the first elimination process, the final selection of 20 videos will be put forward to the Official Jury (including the First Jury and professionals from the video industry) who will chose the first three winners.

How the selected videos will be judged:
. Subject matter and compilation of contents (5 points awarded)
. Picture quality (shoot angle/view, video quality) (5 points awarded)
. Way in which Rock the Outdoor has been promoted (3 points)
. Film editing (3 points)
. Sound production (2 points)
. Text accompanying the video (2 points)

The Top 10 best videos will be featured on Rock the Outdoor’s stand for the duration of the Coupe Icare Flying Festival and Exhibition in St Hilaire in September 2015.

The award winning ceremony will take place on the 20th September, during the Coupe Icare.

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