It’s all happening in Quixadà Brazil!

Only a day after Julien Irilli flies his tandem passenger into the record books, Honorin Hamard and passenger fly further to claim a new world tandem distance record with a flight totalling 407km.

4 Nov 2015

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New world tandem record for Honorin Hamard: 407km!

Honorin Hamard set out in the direction of Brzil’s Quixada on a mission: to make a new tandem distance world record.

On their first day in Quixada with girlfriend, Karine, they had a “warm-up” declared distance of 335.4km.

But today, Honorin and Karine break the world tandem distance record by flying 407km in 11hrs10 minutes, beating Julien Irilli’s flight made only the day before with his sister as passenger; the first time any tandem passenger has ever flown over 400km’s!

Our congratulations go to both of them.

A link to their Facebook video can be seen here

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