3 Nov 2015

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Fluid, the new square reserve parachute from Sup’Air


The reserve parachute from Sup’Air called Fluid is a new generation parachute offering maximum safety.

Compared to the traditional round models, Sup’Air say the Fluid provides additionnal safety with a faster opening time (less than 3 seconds) and a low descent rate of 4.7m/s.  The Fluid’s square configuration gives it greater stability.

The reduction in length of the apex lines (4.5m) helps reduce the risk of entanglement with the paraglider’s main canopy during deployment. In addition, the Fluid doesn’t require the use of a specific deployment bag.

Read more on the Flulid on the SUP’AIR website

Watch the SUP’AIR interview at the Coupe Icare on their new products (VF)

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British pilot witnesses mid-air collision in Le Grand Bornand, France

UK pilot, Bob Moore, witnessed a mid-air collision above Le Grand Bornand, France in July of this year.   Landing to assist the pilot proved impossible on the steep slope and Bob chose wisely to land in the official landing field below in the village to report the incident.

On the ground, he met the second pilot involved in the collision who fortunately, although painful, only suffered line burns to her legs, but who said that both pilots were equally at fault.  The pilot who threw his reserve was winched to hospital with a broken arm rib and later telephoned Bob to ask him about the collision and video footage.

If you witness a collision and are able to land to assist a potentially injured pilot, make sure you can do safely.  As Bob realised it is not always possible, so landing somewhere safe nearby to call for help is sometimes the best option.

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Harnesses KORTEL DESIGN / Karma II, Kamasutra II, Module Krashbox Kuik II

Security alert on handle of Kortel harnesses

KORTEL DESIGN have recently become aware of a potential problem with one of the models of their reserve handles. Those handles equipped with 2 or 3 rods on the Kamasutra II, Karma II and the Krashbox Kuik II models need to be checked.

[reveal title="Read more" open="false" color="grey-lite"]To date, there have only been two cases, but pilots in possession of the above models of harness are asked to check their reserve handles by following the procedure outlined on the Kortel Design website.

If in doubt, contact Kortel Design[/reveal]

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