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Kirsten Seeto makes goal and FAI World Record history at Kiwi Open

Kirsten Seeto, female paragliding pilot and well-known author of recent buzz-article “Competing without a Penis“, makes FAI World Record history by being the first of two female pilots to have completed the longest FAI World Record Distance Competition Race to Goal in the history of paragliding. The second female pilot in goal and just before task deadline was Japanese pilot, Nao Takada.

Meet Director Mark Hardman set a 214km task from Mount Borah to North Star on the 6th task day of the Kiwi Open in Manilla, Australia,   By reaching goal, Kirsten also broke her personal best distance record and was amongst only 32 other pilots to complete the task.  Conditions were said to have produced some solid climbs of 4-5m/s to almost 3000m altitude, and with a 30km wind at the upper levels some of the competitor’s final glides were achievable from 30km out!

If you have read Kirsten’s recent article which talks about being a female pilot in a male-dominated sport, you will understand how her obvious mental approach played an important role in keeping her focused for the 6+hr flight.

Huge congratulations go to Kirsten from the team at Rock the Outdoor !

For full Kiwi Open competition results, click here

(Photo credits: Kris Eriksen and Kirsten Seeto)

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Charles Cazaux goes it alone to achieve new distance record in Australia

After having recently flown Seiko Fukuoka to her world record victory, Charles Cazaux has been setting some of his own, achieving two new records from Conargo in South East Australia.

Launching just after 9am on the 16th December, Charles flew 476km landing 10h40 minutes later to claim a new distance record with three turnpoints, as well as a new straight line distance record!

Our congratulations go to Charles.

See – Airtribune’s live tracking

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It’s all happening in Quixadà Brazil!

Only a day after Julien Irilli flies his tandem passenger into the record books, Honorin Hamard and passenger fly further to claim a new world tandem distance record with a flight totalling 407km.

4 Nov 2015

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New world tandem record for Honorin Hamard: 407km!

Honorin Hamard set out in the direction of Brzil’s Quixada on a mission: to make a new tandem distance world record.

On their first day in Quixada with girlfriend, Karine, they had a “warm-up” declared distance of 335.4km.

But today, Honorin and Karine break the world tandem distance record by flying 407km in 11hrs10 minutes, beating Julien Irilli’s flight made only the day before with his sister as passenger; the first time any tandem passenger has ever flown over 400km’s!

Our congratulations go to both of them.

A link to their Facebook video can be seen here

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4 Nov /2015

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The first female to fly over 400km!

Congratulations go to Italy’s Nicole Fedele who has smashed the existing female world distance record, by flying over 400km on a Triple Seven King.  Her flight lasted 9hrs21 minutes.

Nicole having only received the 777 King days before her departure, had little time to fly it before embarking on her mission to Quixadà, Brazil. Triple Seven say that the King is possiby the best performing EN-D paraglider currently on the market.

Looking at Nicole’s tracklog, there was a low save earlier on in her flight ,but she was latterly rewarded with a generously strong climb at the end of the day taking her back up to base, and enabling her to fly an extra two hours to make the new world record.

More from Triple Seven the King here

Rock the Outdoor describes the Triple Seven

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