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Legendary Raul Rodriguez joins Certika

Raul Rodriguez, developper and legendary acro pilot joins Certika – Test, Revision and Repair unit in Le Grand Bornand, France. Legendary pionneer acro pilot Raul Rodriguez, known to all for introducing the Infinity Tumble, is also a innovative product developper, having worked with brands such as Sup’Air on their specialised acro harness, the Base.

Certika are delighted to have Raul onboard saying he is “most valuable” to our existing team of test pilots, and now joins brother Felix Rodriguez as well as Seiko Fukuoka-Naville and Juliew Wirtz; all three World Champions. Certika link:

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XC News

Francisco Javier Reina defines an 154km FAI triangle from Algodonales

Congratulations go to Francisco Javier Reina, world champion paragliding pilot, for achieving a 154km FAI traingle from Algodonales in Spain yesterday, flying a total distance of 179km. The flight took him just under 6hrs20 minutes, and he claims it was “one of the best days of his flying career”. His flight was recorded using Loctome, a GPS live-tracking application which can be used in conjunction with a number of outdoor sports and enables the user to share his location with others in real-time.

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Daredevil Dean Potter, 43, tragically killed in wingsuit swoop

On Saturday evening, May 16, BASE jumpers Dean Potter and Graham Hunt died after attempting a wing suit flight from Taft Point, a 7,500-foot promontory that overlooks Yosemite Valley and El Capitan.

One of the world’s most accomplished alpinists, Dean Potter, nicknamed the “Dark Wizard”, dies tragically on Saturday 16th May together with climbing partner Graham Hunt, 29.

The pair were seen to have jumped 7,500ft from Taft Point, California, overlooking Yosemite Valley and El Capitan, in an attempt to escape park rangers. Help was called after contact with them was lost. Both bodies were found on Sunday by Search and Rescue; their reserve parachutes had not been deployed.

Potter, acclaimed for his hair-raising “free”-solo climbing and daredevil BASE jumping sometimes with his dog, Whisper, moved to BASE jumping in 2002 when, whilst climbing, was hit by a falling rock which considerably slowed his descent. In 2008 Potter started free-BASE jumping by climbing the Deep Blue Sea route up the North Face of the Eiger in Switzerland and later setting a world record from there in 2009 for the longest swoop made by a wingsuiter; 2 minutes 50 seconds over a four mile descent. A free line-walker and climber having solo’d routes in China, Utah and Pantagonia, amongst an admirable list too long to mention, Potter was also an inspiration for film and music makers, and featured in Valley Uprising in 2014.

“Go towards your fears” was his way. Our condolences go to his family, friends and to the community. He will be greatly missed.


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Congratulations to Maxime Bellemin who wins the Bornes to Fly

Congratulations to Maxime Bellemin who wins the Bornes to Fly 2015 solo, and to Guillaume Kajrp and Lorène Lecar for their first place in the tandem event. The competition took pace from the 15-17th May beneath grey skies: rain, snow and a low cloud base did not play in anyone’s favour for this year’s three-day hike and fly race through the Bauges and Haute Savoie regions of France. Nevertheless, sixty teams took to the start line to to arrive at the finish line in Talloires, beside Lake Annecy.

The winner, Maxime Bellemin was interviewed, which can be seen here :

For our english speaking readers, maxime said he was able to gain some advantage on the second day by using an East face take off, but the final 36kilometres were completed on foot to arrive over the finish line in Talloires. When asked if he would come back to defend his title next years, a wry smile and neither a “yes” or “no”!

The provisionary results can be found here

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Cloudbase Mayhem’s Gavin McClurg talks with Bill Belcourt

Gavin McClurg, known for his film “500 Miles to Nowhere” and more recently his entry into the Red Bull XAlps 2015, launches the inaugural Cloubase Mayhem podcasts. In this first podcase, he talks to American Bill Belcourt, paragliding legend and Director of Research and Dvelopment at Black Diamond, about the history of the sport, flying big lines and modern glider develoment. Cloudbase Mayem is a podcast channel dedicated to all things free flight:

Film 500 Miles to Nowhere with Nate Scales, Nick Greece, Matt Beechinor et Gavin McClurg:

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Jamie et Isabella interviennent au Népal et attendent notre soutien

Around the world people are urged to open their hearts and wallets to donate what they can to local charities, in aid of the Nepal earthquake victims.
Paragliding pilots Jamie and Isabella Messenger who are local to Pokhora and are assisting onsite with the supporting charity Karma  All those involved are urging fellow pilots to donate what they can to one of the local supporting charities.
Part of the Cloudbase Foundation, Karma Flights is a charity who’s focus is to bring aid, support and opportunities to local communities where pilots come and fly.
In a recent report American TV channel CNN outlined that because of its use of 4×4 vehicles for transporting paragliding pilots, it was the only initial ground assistance to have been able to traverse the trecherous roads to reach the stranded mountain village people, in desperate need of medical attention.

Days after the earthquake, Karma Flights are working round the clock in the worst hit areas.
“As you give, so shall you received”, is the law of Karma.

Please help them and donate

Monique van Veen, Sven Konietzko and Isabell Hühnel at KarmaFlights

source photos : Facebook Karmaflights



New World record for the Green brothers – Green for “GO”!

source photo : CloudBase productions

source photo : CloudBase productions

Pierre-Emilio Medina, Tim Green, Anthony Green et Eliot Nochez

International twin acro stars Anthony and Tim Green, have just smashed the tandem paramotor world record (5088m) in Chamonix this afternoon!

Rock the Outdoor will be speaking shortly to the brothers about how the day panned out.  In the meantime, the tracklog and official data is no doubt being sent to the FAI for ratification as you read.  The local press in Chamonix are all eager for a story and gather for interviews and photographs of the brothers!

Huge congratulations to Tim and Anthony for their new world record.

read about their project




Monte Grappa 2015 interviews : Ulrich Prinz and Juan-Sebastian OSPINA

Ulrich Prinz, one of Germany’s Team pilots, currently ranked 4th in the World, has won the Monte Grappa Trophy at the start of Europe’s competition season. Ulrich commented on his facebook page that any of the pilots in the top 12 positions could have walked away with the first prize podium, and only a few points ahead, Jurij vidic, SLO (2nd) and Charles Cazaux, FRA (3rd) were close on his heals during the three great task days of the competition.

Having won the trophy on two previous occasions in 2008 and 2009, Ulrich’s clear enthusiasm and enjoyment of this great competition, the interesting tasks and delicious food, will no doubt see him returning to defend his title next year.

We were able to ask Ulrich a few questions after the competition.

Congratulations on your win. How does it feel being on that Number 1 podium spot again this year?

I am very happy to have won this nice competition again! I usually fly conservatively in comps to secure good overall WPRS points. Aiming for the podium in a single comp often means risking landing before the goal line which sets you way back in the overall results and leaves you with no relevant WPRS points at all. That’s not a problem if you’re a pilot who flies 10 comps a year and can ‘discard’ some, but I only fly around 4-5 comps a year now, so ideally I need a reliable Top-10 result in every competition.
The Trofeo Montegrappa is a little different though: I like the great organisation, the interesting terrain and tasks there and of course the yummy food! So I am usually in a happy mood and motivated to “go for it” which helped me win it again, for the 3rd time now, after 2008 and 2009.

Had you managed to do much training between the Worlds and the the Monte Grappa Trophy?

Unfortunately not, as the weather conditions at home were not very good soI had only a few very short flights. “Real” training for competitions can only be done at competitions anyway, so all the pilots who were at the World’s in Colombia were well prepared for this event.

How were the flying conditions during the competition ?

There was a strong North wind at higher altitudes. This brought both Turbulences and cold air to the region, but the flying was still safe enough. The strong thermals resulted in “Fast and Furious Flying”, as Luc Armant dubbed it.

This event is well known for the gathering of some of the greatest pilots in paragliding. Did you feel that the level of piloting skill this year differed to previous years?

I believe the level is similar to the previous years. We will see the exact value in the ‘pq’ rating of the WPRS ranking next month.

This will give you some great points to kick start your European competition season. What does your calendar look like and where are you headed next?

I have reduced my event calendar to 4-5 competitions per year, so I will probably only go to 2 World Cup events and a National Cat 2 competition. The XC-season starts in the Northern Alps now, and I will do some Cross Country flying just for fun – with no comps in mind, either online or offline! 😉

Thank you, Ulrich.
Rock The Outdoor wishes you the best of luck with the rest of your competitions this season, and great conditions for some leisure flying too.

Juan-Sebastian OSPINA, UK pilot

Congratulations on your 15th position. How does it feel being in the Top 20 ?

Considering that the pilot quality is very high, it feels really good to be amongst the top pilots, but also knowing that there is room for improvement.

What wing were you flying and how did it perform in the conditions?

I flew an Enzo 2 (M) during this competition. The conditions were really challenging with strong thermals, strong winds and a lot of turbulence. I was very pleased with the way my glider performed against the wind and rough air. It is still a very competitive glider, if not the best for this kind of conditions. Still, it requires a lot of input and concentration to keep it together.

Had you managed to do much training between the Worlds and the the Monte Grappa Trophy?

The only serious flying I did after the World’s was the Colombian Open just after the event, in which we flew for 6 consecutive days. After that I have mostly been flying tandem.

The Monte Grappa Trophy has a reputation for rain. How were the flying conditions during the competition ?

The two first days we had great thermal quality but also some wind. The third and fourth day was cancelled because of over development in the afternoon but many of us still managed to freefly. The last day was very good and sunny for most of the task. Personally, I flew every day and was amazed at the thermal quality, even with no sun. I will try to come back again next year for the Trofeo for sure!

This event is well known for the gathering of some of the greatest pilots in paragliding and marks the start of the European flying season. What did you think of the overall pilot level?

It was pretty much like flying any European World Cup and has to the highest level non World Cup/CAT1 event I have ever been to ; thanks to their selection process which is purely based on the WPRS ranking.

This will give you some great points to kick start your European competition season. What does your calendar look like and where are you headed out to next?

My next comp will be the PWC in Spain, then the PWC India and hopefully the Superfinal in Mexico too.

Many thanks Juan-Sebastian. Rock The Outdoor wishes you a great season ahead, best of luck !




The Alpen Cup, compétition amicale – 30 Avril au 3 mai (Autriche)

Photo : Mauro Inthesky

Photo : Mauro Inthesky

The Alpen Cup is a friendly competition between the neighbouring countries of Germany, Austria, Italy & Slovenia, and this year, is being held in Greifenburg, Austria, from Thurs 30th April until Sun 3rd May.

Spaces are allocated in priority to the listed nations until the end of March, however as there are 150 places in total.

The last registration day is the 31st March, and places will start being allocated to waiting list pilots as of 10th April.

Greifenburg is a very pictoresque place to fly with its large green slopes and gentle mountains. The conditions are ideal from April through to September, during which time, the valley benefits from light winds and a gentle valley breeze.

Further information can be found on the website
Some details about Greifenburg by Kelly Farina




“Mazda pass” pour gagner 150 km sur ses rivaux Red Bull X-Alps

Pinch and a punch…

Could this be a hoax or has the Red Bull XAlps race committee, Ulrich Grill, just added another exciting dimension to this year’s race, for real?

A brand new super slick Mazda CX-3 will be available to competitors by using the “Mazda Pass” whenever they choose, as a way of steaming ahead of their rivals. Available for use only once, and for whatever reason, the « Mazda Pass » will be available to each athlete in order to gain a distance advantage. All they have to do is hop in and enjoy being blasted at a top speed of 180km, before being set down on the tarmac some 150 kilometres further down the course line.

Athletes are really excited about the new twist, although no doubt a little disappointed not to be behind the wheel themselves. European legislation does not allow for that, but there are rumours that BBC’s recently fired Top Gear TV presenter, Jeremy Clarkson will be in the driving seat !

Buckle-up, we’re coming through !