Competition dates set for the Ozone Chabre Open 2016

Competition dates set for the Ozone Chabre Open 2016

6 JAN 2016

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Laragne to host the 2016 Ozone Chabre Open 2016

Meet Directed by the inimitable Jocky Sanderson, this friendly competition is all about fun, with the emphasis on helping pilots to improve on pilot’s existing cross-country and competitions skills. The Chabre Open is set in Laragne, a fantastic flying arena, and the team have already run 10 successful sell-out Chabre events, all in a friendly, stress-free environment with safe, achievable tasks.

Jocky Sanderson one of the world’s most celebrated paragliding instructors  in XC flying, SIV, safety and training, his enthusiasm and knowledge provide a great source of inspiration and entertainment to all. Briefings, debriefings, talks and advice are on hand daily throughout the week.

This year the competition will run from the 2nd-8th July in Laragne and hosted by Fly Laragne at the town’s campsite and HQ.  Now in its 11th year, the Chabre Open (a strictly non-Cat2 event) is always popular and early registration is a must if you want a slice of the fun.

Information and Registration for the Chabre Open 2016

Jocky Sanderson Escape XC and SIV clinics

Laragne Tourist Office

Photo credit: BPO/Jocky Sanderson

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