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ADVANCE PI 2 is a light weight all-rounder


The new Advance PI 2 takes its technology from the Omega X-Alps using the Omega’s optimised internal structure, amongst others.  The result is a light, compact glider starting at 2.12 kg in weight.

A versatile light weight glider

The  new Advance PI 2 is available in four sizes: 16, 19, 23 et 27 m²  with three different weight ranges for each size, so whether using the PI 2 for thermalling, hike and fly or as a mini-wing, the pilot can choose which size is best suited to the discipline and pilot flying ability.

From beginner to expert and even the “weekend-warrior”, the PI 2 is a versatile wing for any pilot looking for a versatile three-in-one combo.

The first demo’s will be delivered to major flying schools at the end of December.

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