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Flyskyhy – probably the best paragliding App in the world

The little App that just gets better…and better…

Flyskyhy is a paragliding App that turns your iPhone into a flight instrument and produces altitude, climb rate, ground speed angle glide… it also calculates the wind direction and strength amongst many other features.  Created by Dutch pilot, René Dekker, the famous little App now has its very own website that explains all the existing features using simple visual instructions.  Some of the other cool features to come are comp task optimisation and a thermaling screen. Also a NOTAM display, which will take some time to get right, says  René, “But I’m working on it…What will come very soon is the BluFlyVario v.11 and major improvements to the waypoints functionality”, he tells us.

One of UK’s top XC pilots and para-blogger, Tim Pentreath, has been using the App ever since it was released three years ago and often demo’s some of the new features.  Tim is also a regular contributor to the British Hang-Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) magazine, and has written several articles on other techy GPS and Vario equipment out there, in his blog.  He has used the Flyskyhy App for some time now, and says it is “possibly the best paragliding App in the world”. Try it!

Read more about the Flyskyhy website here

Download Flyskyhy from the App store here

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BRAND news

Flymaster Live SD has new map feature

The Flymaster LIVE SD series now has maps!

To enable this new feature simply go to the Flymaster website where you can update files directly onto the instrument’s SD card. This latest firmware from Flymaster also includes other variometer features.  Earlier on this year Flymaster also introduced the FAI triangle feature on their SD models.


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