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7 JAN 2016

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Rip’Air team will enjoy the bigger space

Rip’Air are celebrating the start of the New Year in their bigger and better workshop.

Still in the same vicinity, the team’s dedicated workspace has almost doubled in size to accommodate the increasing requests from its customers.

Glider repairs, checks, trimming and repacks are only a few of the many services Rip’Air provide – they even offer a collection and delivery service to customers living further afield.

Any member of Rip’Air’s dynamic team will be happy to welcome you throughout the year for your paragliding fix-it needs at no. 109 Chemin du Pré Monteux à Talloires, Annecy.

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The “Free” community mourn the loss of Tancrède Melet

We have just learned of the fatality of The Flying Frenchie, Tancrède Melet, who fell 20 metres to his death whilst rehearsing acrobatics using a hot-air balloon.

Tancrède was on the ground holding the balloon when it suddenly took off. Contrary to his team mates who were able to free themselves, Tancrède Melet found himself unable to tether the balloon or disentangle himself from the lines.

A legend to the daredevil generation, Melet showed an extraordinary ability to push the boundaries with the same apparent ease as his stunts on a highline. He worked alongside American counterparts such as Dean Potter in practicing the sport of BASE jumping and became renowned for his cliff jumps as seen in the film Petit Bus Rouge (Little Red Bus) directed by Sebastien Montaz Rosset.

However, it was his first film by the same director, I believe I can fly – the flight of the Frenchies, that  Melet showed the extent of his true talent with the Flying Frenchies, using his charisma and boldness to keep spectators on the edge of their chairs.

Renowned for his urban highline tethered between the two Tours Mercuriales in Paris, the 4,000 metre highline on the Devil’s Needles, and his poetic amalgamation of highline and BASE jumps, many of these “eyeballling” stunts were clearly portrayed in all of his films, the last of them being “I believe I can Fly- the Flight of the Frenchies”. R.I.P.

Our condolences go to his family and friends.

Source: Dauphiné Libéré 6/1/16

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23 December 2015

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Pierre BOUILLOUX, founder of SUP’AIR passes away

Interview Pierre Bouilloux by Erik Rehnfeldt, 6 monthes ago

Pierre Bouilloux, Founder of Sup’Air passes away on the 23rd December 2015.

Sup’Air informs us: Born in Lyon but having lived in Annecy for most of his life, Pierre was a pioneer and a champion of our sport.  He founded Sup’Air in Annecy in 1982 and by the end of the decade had taken it to world leader status within the paragliding harness industry.

A man of exception and a designer of exceptional products, Pierre Bouilloux reinvented paragliding, created this company and grew the brand for over 30 years  At 60 years old, having only recently delegated the management of Sup’Air, Pierre leaves behind his partner Lynn and their two children Elodie and Stéphanie, for whom we share their bereavement.

Thank you for sending personal messages to the family can be sent to:

Our sympathy, strength and courage go to all Pierre’s family and friends.

see french interview about the compagny SUP’AIR by ROCK THE OUTDOOR on April 2015

Read newspaper article in Le Dauphine

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Opened in 1989 by Peter Geg, the Oasis flight school in Southern Germany, not only specialises in teaching paragliding to all levels of pilots, but also offers tandem flights, performance coaching and pilot training with one of their highly trained professional instructors.

As well as improving skills, you can also purchase some of the latest gear from the shop as well as leaving your wing for a health check.

Oasis run thorough glider and line checks, porosity tests, trimming, repacks and a full repair service for all your paragliding gear, which can be shipped express to your doorstep on completion.

Make the most of the winter months and give your gear a look-over before the new season.

Oasis Flying School, Obermaiselstein, Germany

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– DHV website in English

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It’s all happening in Quixadà Brazil!

Only a day after Julien Irilli flies his tandem passenger into the record books, Honorin Hamard and passenger fly further to claim a new world tandem distance record with a flight totalling 407km.

4 Nov 2015

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New world tandem record for Honorin Hamard: 407km!

Honorin Hamard set out in the direction of Brzil’s Quixada on a mission: to make a new tandem distance world record.

On their first day in Quixada with girlfriend, Karine, they had a “warm-up” declared distance of 335.4km.

But today, Honorin and Karine break the world tandem distance record by flying 407km in 11hrs10 minutes, beating Julien Irilli’s flight made only the day before with his sister as passenger; the first time any tandem passenger has ever flown over 400km’s!

Our congratulations go to both of them.

A link to their Facebook video can be seen here

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Lost and Found in Annecy

An item was found in the Planfait landing field today in Annecy and is waiting to find its owner!

If anyone recognises the pilot in this picture, please get in touch with Emma Casanova from Rock the Outdoor.  The pilot was flying a red and white Gradient and used both Planfait and Forclaz take-off’s above lake Annecy, France today at around 2pm.

Thank you for helping to get this message “viral” so that owner can be reunited with his item and precious memories.

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4 Nov /2015

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The first female to fly over 400km!

Congratulations go to Italy’s Nicole Fedele who has smashed the existing female world distance record, by flying over 400km on a Triple Seven King.  Her flight lasted 9hrs21 minutes.

Nicole having only received the 777 King days before her departure, had little time to fly it before embarking on her mission to Quixadà, Brazil. Triple Seven say that the King is possiby the best performing EN-D paraglider currently on the market.

Looking at Nicole’s tracklog, there was a low save earlier on in her flight ,but she was latterly rewarded with a generously strong climb at the end of the day taking her back up to base, and enabling her to fly an extra two hours to make the new world record.

More from Triple Seven the King here

Rock the Outdoor describes the Triple Seven

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Paragliding World Cup India 2015, podiums

The final leg of the 2015 Paragliding World Cup took place in Bir, Himachal Pradesh India from the 25 – 31 October.  The competition was a success with 5 tasks taking place in total:

Tuesday 27 Oct :  97.6 km
Wednesday 28 Oct : 74.7 km
Thursday 29 Oct : 96.3 km
Friday 30 Oct : 94.0 km
Saturday 31 Oct : 75.2 km

The fourth task was stopped because of poor visibility on the course.  Pilots flew towards a pollution cloud: “The ambience was surreal in the air, flying in IFR mode with instruments only to navigate with, we were lost in a sea of mist …incredible!”, reported French pilot, Maxime Pinot.

See the final results on the PWC website

Results on Facebook event website

Photo credits : Marina Olexina
Crédit photo : Marina Olexina

Crédit photo : Marina Olexina

1- Michael KÜFFER (CHE)
3- Julien WIRTZ (FRA)
4- Maxime PINOT (FRA)
5- Jurij VIDIC (SVN)
6- Torsten SIEGEL (DEU)
7- Joze MOLEK (SVN)
10- Matt SENIOR (NZL)

Crédit photo : Marina Olexina

Crédit photo : Marina Olexina

1- Yuki SATO (JPN)
2- Petra SLIVOVA (CZE)
4- Hyunhee KIM (KOR)
5- Annalena HINESTROZA (DEU)
6- Hyonju HAM (KOR)
7- Klaudia BULGAKOW (POL)

See all the World Cup 2015 Tour results

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