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16 April 2016

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Sup’air has a fresh new look

The Sup’air brand has had a facelift and the company recently announced the launch of its new website, which they say is more intuitive and much faster to load.

The new improved reading style also makes navigating through the different product ranges much easier.  Particular detail has been given to their descriptions, all of which are now visibly referenced on the new website.

Visit the new Sup’air website here


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23 December 2015

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Pierre BOUILLOUX, founder of SUP’AIR passes away

Interview Pierre Bouilloux by Erik Rehnfeldt, 6 monthes ago

Pierre Bouilloux, Founder of Sup’Air passes away on the 23rd December 2015.

Sup’Air informs us: Born in Lyon but having lived in Annecy for most of his life, Pierre was a pioneer and a champion of our sport.  He founded Sup’Air in Annecy in 1982 and by the end of the decade had taken it to world leader status within the paragliding harness industry.

A man of exception and a designer of exceptional products, Pierre Bouilloux reinvented paragliding, created this company and grew the brand for over 30 years  At 60 years old, having only recently delegated the management of Sup’Air, Pierre leaves behind his partner Lynn and their two children Elodie and Stéphanie, for whom we share their bereavement.

Thank you for sending personal messages to the family can be sent to: hommage@supair.com

Our sympathy, strength and courage go to all Pierre’s family and friends.

see french interview about the compagny SUP’AIR by ROCK THE OUTDOOR on April 2015

Read newspaper article in Le Dauphine

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SUP’AIR has announced the release of their first major generic wing for the beginning of 2016. The SUP’AIR Leaf, positions itself as an accessible mid-range wing, able to satisfy a wide range of pilots in the EN-B category whether they are at the beginning of their paragliding career or already proficient.

Find out more on the SUP’AIR website 

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3 Nov 2015

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Fluid, the new square reserve parachute from Sup’Air


The reserve parachute from Sup’Air called Fluid is a new generation parachute offering maximum safety.

Compared to the traditional round models, Sup’Air say the Fluid provides additionnal safety with a faster opening time (less than 3 seconds) and a low descent rate of 4.7m/s.  The Fluid’s square configuration gives it greater stability.

The reduction in length of the apex lines (4.5m) helps reduce the risk of entanglement with the paraglider’s main canopy during deployment. In addition, the Fluid doesn’t require the use of a specific deployment bag.

Read more on the Flulid on the SUP’AIR website

Watch the SUP’AIR interview at the Coupe Icare on their new products (VF)

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10 September 2015

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Supair is proud to announce the release of their new mountain glider, EIKO

Supair is proud to announce their new “light” wing, the EIKO, recently certified as an EN-B and available in two sizes: 20 (PTV 50-80) and 23 (PTV 65-100).

Weighing as little as 2.45kg for the S size, the EIKO falls well within the weight/efficiency ratio of the hike & fly category.

Designed for a wide range of pilots, the EIKO is destined for the qualified pilot looking for a lightweight set-up, as well as the more experienced pilot as a second wing to enjoy hike and fly.

FInd out more about the EIKO from Supair

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SUP’AIR / News

A “Strike” for SUP’AIR with their new X-Alps harness

After several months of development and extensive testing, SUP’AIR is proud to present their new 2015 XAlps harness to this year’s pilots.

Five pilots, Clément Latour, Gaspard Petiot, Tom de Dorlodot, Erik Rehnfeldt et Gavin McCLurg, will all fly with the new SUIP’AIR Strike XAlps. By using dynema for the straps the harness weighs only 1.2kg and used in conjunction with the Trek X-Alps backpack, both will weighs only 1.540kg in total!

Clément Latour, ROCK THE OUTDOOR’s sponsored pilots will be using the equipment for the race and will no doubt be giving us give us his first impressions soon.

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