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NIVIUK Ikuma, the new EN-B+ to be presented at the Coupe Icare

After NIVIUK’s Grand Touring glider, emerges the Back-Country EN-B+

Last year at the Coupe Icare NIVIUK presented their Grand Touring  (Grand Tourismo) glider, for pilots in search of new horizons and a unique and simple desire to fly further.  In response, NIVIUK designed the Artik 4.

Today, NIVIUK is pushing the true boundaries of Back-Country flying, combining ease and performance for pilots seeking the ultimate cross-country flying experience. NIVIUK’s answer is the Ikuma.

The Ikuma defines the high-performance ENB+ wing, a category in which NIVIUK has not yet been present until today.  Ikuma is aimed to satisfy a wide range of pilots each with their own motivations. It breaks the boundaries of oustanding performance with noteworthy handling and safety elements.

The Ikuma exists in 5 sizes (21, 23, 25, 27 and 29), 4 colours (Orchid, Bluberry, Tulip, Sunrise).

Fine out more on the NIVIUK website

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