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AIR DESIGN new tandem RIDE 2 is certified EN-LTF B

Life is better when you are riding!

Now the size 41 of AirDesigns new tandem RIDE 2 is certified EN-LTF B with a weight range of 130 – 220 kg. The RIDE2 is very responsive under brakes and its handling is extremely well balanced. Once in a thermal, the wing turns with only minimal effort – similar to a solo-wing and tight turns can be made with ease.

Beside the RIDE 2 size 38 (120 – 190 kg) AIR DESIGN tandem range is completed with the Superlight Tandem HIKE 35 (110 -180 kg).

see description about AIR DESIGN Ride 2 sur le site AIR DESIGN – AIR DESIGN Superlight

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