DVD Paragliding : Learn to fly (anglais et français)


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Have you ever dreamed of flying? …

This DVD is for those beginner or intermediate paragliding pilots wishing to keep up with their newly acquired skills gained during their early training. All the theoretical and practical maneuvers are dealt with by video sequencing or 2D / 3D animation giving attractive, practical and complete instructions.

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Languages : english / french

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DVD Chapters


Chapter Equipment

Getting familiar with the equipment : wing , harness, safety …


Chapter Flying

Basic principles, wind, airflow, flight planning …

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Chapter Launching

Prepare the equipment, Foward launching, reverse, launching, infos and tips…


Chapter Aerodynamics

How a paraglider flies, Lift, Drag, Glide ratio, minimum sink, Speed to fly.

dvd-learn-to-fly-meteorology dvd-learn-to-fly-meteorology-3 dvd-learn-to-fly-meteorology-2

Chapter Meteorology

Fronts, what causes lift, dynamic and thermal lift, Breezes, Clouds, turbulence and dangers …

Chapter Flight Rules

Priority rules among aircrafts categories, rules in flight…


Special features

Russell Ogden’s interview
Ozone test pilot, 2003 & 2005 British Paragliding Champion
Advice for beginners, Russell’s opinion choosing a school, buying a glider, fear …

Report at Ozone’s Wing designing process
Steps from the concept to the tests

Length 109 minutes

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