Paramotoring “The essential Guide” – Dean Eldridge


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This 232 page guide has over 100 colour photographs and illustrations and is designed for pilots who want to broaden their knowledge and skills of paramotoring. The guide by Dean Eldridge brings together the latest information and techniques over 50 chapters, with the participation of some of the world’s best pilots and instructors.

Discover the summary and 20 pages of the guide below.

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Easy to read and clearly illustrated with detailed diagrams and superb photographs

Participation from more than 30 the sport’s well known pilots have helped in putting together this guide*.  You will find a vast amount of information and everything you need to know on how to become a good pilot: – Advice from the experts on how to launch with confidence – Explanations about reflex wings – Slalom techniques, tandem and distance flying – Practical advice for understanding the maintenance of your machine – Tips for making the most of your paramotoring

Discover “Paramotoring “The essential Guide” – Dean Eldridge

* Chad Bastion, Sascha Burkhardt, Mike Campbell-Jones, Pascal Campbell-Jones, Michel Carnet, Daniel Crespo, Dav Dagault, Tom de Dorlodot, Bob Drury, Piotr Dudek, Eric Dufour, Ed Ewing (editor), Tony Gibson, Dave Hairs, Paul Haxby, Klaus Irschik, Thomas Keller, Marcus King, Alex Ledger, Edward Lichtner, Paul Mahony, Dani Martinez, Ludovic Migneaux, Andy Phillips, Emilia Plak, Neil Slinger, Pascal Vallée

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