Luc Armant arrived at second position with the new OZONE Zeno!

The official PWC videographer, Philippe Broers, interviewed the designer Luc Armant, which is currently involved in the PWC competition held in St. André Les Alpes (South of France). Flying with the new OZONE Zeno that he designed himself, he finished in 2nd place in the second task. Seiko Fukuoaka also fly with this model.

The new glider OZONE Zeno fills the void that existed between  between Mantra M6 and Enzo 2. With the current research work on the Enzo 3, the OZONE Zeno very close perf of Enzo 2 while being easier to control. The Zeno in ML size is now available.

Philippe asked if this glider is also for pilots flying already EN C or D, Luc says that this glider is rather intended for pilots already practicing competitions.

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5 March 2016

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5 hours to the summit

Paragliding pilots and rock climbers, Brendan Reid and Mark Robson, tackled one of the great classic routes in Buachaille Etive Mor in Glencoe last week.  With perfect conditions and light winds, Brendan and Mark took on the Grade IV 4 route up the North Buttress with ultralight flying gear.

Brendan on an Ozone Ultralite 2-16 and Mark Robson flying an Ultralite 3-19 both launched from the summit after 5hrs of climbing the route manned with crampons and pick axes. The flight straight back to their car only took them a leisurely but they were able to take some great footage of their adventure to share with us.

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OZONE Buzz Z5 EN-B, comfortable to fly

Ozone’s BUZZ Z5 EN-B is adapted to satisfy a wide range of pilots from the confirmed beginner to the more experienced cross-country pilot.

An ideal wing for pilots flying 30-50 hours per year or for those looking to progress to cross-country under a solid and safe wing, the BUZZ Z5 is a reliable example of passive safety with comfortable, easy handling.

A fun and agile wing offering precision and safety for pilot progression.

Find out more from Ozone

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18 NOV 2015

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OZONE Forza harness for experienced pilots

OZONE’s Forza is a sleek high performance harness designed for experienced cross-country pilots or those looking to begin serious XC flying.  With its seatboardless design it is lightweight and aerodynamic, providing pilots with enhanced handling and comfort in flight.

The Forza’s minimalistic design (lack of straps and obscure adjustments) have considerably reduced the bulk and weight of the harness (5,6 kg pour la taille M).

9 sizes available all with 17cm foam protection and additionnal 7cm back and shoulder protection.

Price : 1395 € – find out more from Ozone

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